Sovereign Lord

Richard Granville Jones wrote a poem/song calling God names like “the God of concrete, steel cable and satellite” He added that God was Lord of cable, rocket and flight. You can find the full version here.

Do we ever think of God in those terms? Oh sure, we recognize him as Lord over the universe, but I confess that term makes me think of rocks and stars, not stuff that we call ‘man’ made.
But where does thought come from, where does creativity begin?

We try to keep God in our safe ‘religious’ box but he will not stay there!

When they heard this, they raised their voices together in prayer to God. “Sovereign Lord,” they said, “you made the heavens and the earth and the sea, and everything in them. (Acts 4:24, NIV)

How great are your works, Lord, how profound your thoughts! (Psalm 92:5, NIV)

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord. (Isaiah 55:8, NIV)

Prayer – Father God, when we are getting swelled heads about how smart we are, remind us of these verses. Amen!

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