Spring Cleaning Prayer

Prayer- Lord, it is a bit late for this prayer but it works for me because I am late cleaning! I pray this prayer, Lord for folks like me who missed that self-imposed deadline of scrubbing and washing away the winter’s dusty cobwebs.

Lord, give us the common sense to start somewhere, even though it is to scrub the door knobs of finger prints. Even one shiny thing points out that we did something!

Give us wisdom as we toss out clothes that are too small, too big and too out-dated. While you are at it Lord, we have inherited ridiculous stuff that should have been discarded years ago. They carry ugliness, bad attitudes and foreign thoughts that come to our mind every time we look at them.

Give us grace to toss the dusty, cobwebby items that we never use. Give us the generosity to share them with those who will, not keeping it ‘in case’ we might need it.

Throw open the windows of our hearts when we open those of our homes. Stir the Spirit within us to the fresh nobleness of clean living. Pour your bright light into any remaining dark places in our souls.

For the Son of man is come to save that which was lost.(Matthew 18:11, KJV)

Shine us with SON-light, God, we prayer. Amen.

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