Stabbing is the term used when an assassin or a murderer is trying to take you out. (And I don’t mean to a baseball game!) Don’t call it stabbing when your nurse gives you your Covid vaccine. That is not stabbing, but instead a vaccination.

A vaccination is a treatment to produce immunity against a disease. I grew up in the polio fear days of the 50’s. Our parents were terrified to let us even go swimming in case that’s where polio came from. What a sigh of relief when in 1955, Dr. Jonas Salk’s determination resulted in the first polio vaccine. By 1959, that vaccine was administered in more than 90 countries. Now we barely hear of a case. Polio has been eradicated along with its accompaniment of iron lungs, total paralysis and death.

Now in the midst of another kind of pandemic, a friend waits for a full lung transplant due to Covid. A family is quarantined. A beloved niece died. It’s not an iron lung, but it can be a death sentence. The world has lost hundreds of thousands of people to the disease. And we have a chance to eradicate it, just as we did with polio.

What will you do?

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