Still Procrastinating

Yes, that is me and though I struggle mightily to be better at getting done what needs to be done, some days are harder than others.

Why? Because I like to do some things more than I do others!

Vacuuming, not so much. Cleaning the fridge, Ugh. Walking, right?

The information I read in an article might help us all.

Make the dreaded list of what you have to do today.

Do the dreaded dislikes first!

Start asap, before you change your mind.

This is because small fixes save you from big ones. Example-a shingle comes off your roof? Fix it before you need to replace the entire roof!

I know I mention St. Paul a lot but I do that because he is such a good example of getting things done!

 He started small but eventually worked his way through several countries, preaching Christ. 

The result is that starting from Jerusalem and as far round as Illyricum, I have fully preached the Gospel and faithfully accomplished it, carrying out to the full the good news]of Christ the Messiah, in its entirety. (Romans 15:19b)

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