Stuffed Wheel Wells

Joel 2:12the Lord says Turn to me now, while there is time. Give me all your hearts. Come with fasting, weeping, mourning. (LB)

Winter with its fierce winds, heavy snow and pathless streets is upon us. In Canada, we soldier on, driving where we have to go in spite of what we may encounter on the way. Some don’t take the time to clean snow from their vehicles. They remind me of the Charlie Brown cartoon character, Pigpen. A white, dusty fog billows around their vehicle, clouding their vision and the vision of others. Some drivers even let their car wheel wells fill with snow. It freezes in place and makes steering difficult. Still, they blunder on because their goal is to get to the destination one way or another.

Why do we continue to make our lives and the lives of others so difficult? Is it because we don’t think? It’s not that we haven’t seen the same bad habits in others. What makes us so special? Why do we dare to blur another’s path or take chances with the steering?

Why do we sleep in and let our children miss Sunday school and an opportunity for salvation? Let an unseemly remark go by?  Laugh at an off-color joke? We are quick to point things like that out in others. Why are they so hard to see in ourselves?

PrayerQuickly, Lord God, show us our blind spots. Give us strength to turn away from them. We don’t want to detour people from their heavenly destination.  In Christ’s name. Amen.

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