Survey Shows Faith Equals Healthier Lifestyles

As Everyday Christian contributor Samantha Keller wrote earlier, the abundance of Christmas parties may tend to make many of fell as if we are completely ignoring of the sin of gluttony during the month of December.

That being said, a new Gallup poll shows that people who consider themselves very religious and attuned to their faith are more likely to live healthier lifestyles than other Americans who are only moderately religious or not religious at all.

The survey indicated that the percentage of smokers was lower and that regular dietary choices of fruits and vegetables coupled with exercise was more common among people with deep-seed religious beliefs.

It goes on to point out what many Christians already know, that excessive use of alcohol and tobacco is generally frowned upon – particularly among evangelicals – and that some folks view showing respect for their bodies an appreciation of the life God has given them.

Now, am I suggesting you stay away from the pumpkin pie the next few days because of this? No way.

However, as you celebrate the birth of Jesus, take a moment to thank God for the body and the life He has provided and be grateful.

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