Take a Pill

Some people choke on them, others refuse to take them at all. How is it that still others manage to swallow handfuls at one go? What is it about taking pills that gets in the way of common sense? After all, we swallow gigantic mouthfuls of food without a thought but that teeny-tiny pill/capsule refuses to go down.

To make the ingestion easier…

  • Ask God for help.
  • Ask your druggist if the meds are available as a liquid.
  • Take a sip of water first to moisten the throat.
  • Soak capsules in a glass of water till they gel and then eat with a spoon.
  • Never swallow capsules and pills in the same mouthful. One floats and the other doesn’t.
  • Drink a small amount of cream to coat the stomach, take the pills and then more cream. Ron took his chemotherapy pills this way and never had an upset stomach.
  • Finish the entire prescription.

There is no clearer example of mind over matter than in the taking of pills.

Remind yourself of the healing properties of your meds.

Remind yourself that they are much smaller than that giant spoonful of cereal you just ate.

Think about it… and be grateful that medicine has come a long way since New Testament days.

1Timothy 5:23-Drink water no longer exclusively, but use a little wine for the sake of your stomach and your frequent illnesses (NIV).

Sometimes, God’s words are just as hard to swallow as medical pills. That’s all the more reason to take them in and obey them.

Ezekiel 3:14So the spirit lifted me up, and took me away, and I went in bitterness, in the heat of my spirit; but the hand of the LORD was strong upon me (KJV).

Prayer: Lord we don’t always like what you have to say. May your grace permeate our souls and make us willing. In Christ’s name. Amen.

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