Taking Offense

My goal this month is to make you irritated, so irritated that you will examine your prideful life and practice humility and true Godly living.

Oh yes, you say that Jesus is your personal Saviour. That’s great. However, we cannot spout Jesus out of our mouth, while behaving like heathens. No, friends. It’s just not done. That makes us hypocrites and the unsaved see that and thus we hinder their acceptance of Christ.

Satan got kicked out of heaven because he wanted to be bigger than God.

Your heart became proud so I threw you to the earth.

(From Ezekiel 28:17, 28, NIV)

Every time we judge another as ‘less than’ ourselves, we display our pride. Pride is excessive pleasure in our own accomplishments. Pride is personal gratification.  Pride is the root of all sin.

Pride is “I am better than you because I belong to this political party and not that one.

Pride is “I am always right.”

Pride is anger over all people, decisions, and anything that differs from our personal thoughts.

Don’t be afraid. We can change because God promises us his strength.

(See Psalm 29:11, NIV)

More importantly, 

 For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.

(Matthew 6:14)

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