Thankful For The In-Between Time

On Wednesday I was feeling overwhelmed, overtired, and under-rested…as a mom, that tends to come with the territory.  So when my mom came to visit and asked if she could take our little “angel” home with her for a few days, my hubbie and I eagerly said “Yes”!  So she's off on an adventure at Grandie's house.

They left Thursday morning around 9 and by 4:30 I was missing her so badly I could hardly stand it.

The day before I was pulling my hair out wanting and needing a break and then after she'd only been away from me less than eight hours I was ready to have her home again.  Not so torn up that I'm not thrilled that she will be with Grandie a couple more days.  I need those days!  That time allows me to get some rest, work on projects that are in need of attention, and enjoy much-needed date nights with my hubbie without a babysitter curfew or the expense.

You see, I am thankful…OH SO THANKFUL for the joy of extended family that allows me to experience the in-between time.  That time between pulling my hair out as a mom and wanting to have her back with all my heart.  Thank you Grandie!

As parents, we need that in-between time to preserve our sanity, to nourish ourselves, to regroup, and to regain the perspective that yes, being a parent of any age child, even an inquisitive, pushing-the-envelope, and always-asking-why 3 (almost 4)-year old, is an AMAZING gift!  Yes, it comes with more than its fair share of stress, worry, work, and exhaustion but it is so completely and overwhelmingly worth every minute of it.  I'm so blessed.  I'm so thankful.  And thanks to Grandie, I can see it all very clearly again!

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