The Next Thing

Daniel didn’t make a move until after prayer and God’s answer to that prayer. (See March 8)

The next thing Daniel did was to contact the executioner and get him to call off the execution.

Then Arioch (the executioner) hurriedly brought Daniel before the king and said this to him: “I have found a man among the exiles of Judah who can explain to the king the interpretation [of the dream].”(Daniel 2:25, AMP)

This isn’t quite what happened. Daniel found the executioner. Has anyone ever stolen your idea for themselves?

The king must have had experience with tall stories from this guy so he checks with Daniel and Daniel gave credit where credit was due. He asks Daniel if he can really do this! “Are you sure you can do this—tell me the dream I had and interpret it for me?”(Verse 26)

Daniel gave credit where credit was due.

“No mere human can solve the king’s mystery, I don’t care who it is—no wise man, enchanter, magician, diviner. But there is a God in heaven who solves mysteries, and he has solved this one. (Daniel 2:27-28, MSG)

Do we give God credit or take the credit for ourselves? Are we Daniels or Ariochs?

Prayer – Remind us, Lord, of who does what, lest we forget. Amen

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