The Salad Bowl (of old!)

To make this condiment, your poet begs, the powdered yolk of two hard-boiled eggs,

Two boiled potatoes passed through the kitchen sieve, smoothness and softness to the salad give.

Let onion atoms lurk within the bowl, and half suspected animate the whole.

Of mordant mustard, add a single spoon. Distrust a condiment that bites too soon.

But deem it not, ye man of herbs, a fault to add a double quantity of salt:

Four times the spoon, with oil from Lucan crown and twice the vinegar procured from town.

And lastly over the flavored compound toss a magic soupcon of anchovy sauce.

Oh, green and glorious. Oh, herbaceous treat!  Would tempt the dying anchorite to eat

Back to the world he’d tempt his fleeting soul and plunge his fingers in the salad bowl.

 Serenely full the epicure would say. Fate cannot harm me. I have dined today. 

(From my Granny’s ancient cookbook)

I ask you, what on earth is that? Two eggs, two potatoes, onion, mustard and a bunch of salt equals what?  I think they left out the salad greens. Did he do that on purpose? Have you done that to others who ask for your recipe? 

One of our relatives did that. If you admired her cake, she would leave out a crucial ingredient so that you couldn’t create it in your kitchen. What vile smallness on the part of one person to another.

Is that you? What small things do you do so that others fail? Shame on you!

Whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin.( James 4:17)

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