The Year of Fashion

Friends, this has been a very strange year. Admit it. We have had everything possible happen this year. Some are blaming God. Really? Perhaps we should be blaming ourselves.

Face it. Haven’t we all been saying we want more rest, more time with our families, time to declutter, clean, learn to bake? 

We wanted to balance our budgets and here we are not able to spend money in the same way. 

And God heard all those prayers and placed us where we can do all those things.

Our vision cleared in ways we didn’t expect. We see race relationships in a new way. We worship in new ways

Don’t blame God friends, the church still stands because the church is people, not buildings. In the beginning, Christ followers worshipped in back rooms and caves. Go on your zoom folks. God is there because God is everywhere.

Now if you are still an unbeliever, take a look friends, a good look. The church still stands in majesty and strength…because God is here. 

If you refuse to believe Jesus and his death and resurrection than you still have to explain away the church…Ross Kearney

They will name him Immanuel (Hebrew for “God is with us”). (From Matthew 1:23, MSG)

Prayer – Thank you, God, that you are always with us, no matter where we meet. You said where two or three are gathered together. You did not say where hundreds are gathered together in a brick building. Thanks for the reminder, God. Amen.

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