The Best Bible

The most stolen book of all time? Unfortunately, it is not the Bible! It is “Steal This Book” by Abbie Hoffman.

Book sellers had to remove it from shelves because people did just that. They stole the book.

A Bible is a book that is considered an authority on a particular subject. That’s why we have shelves full of books called names like The Gardener’s Bible, The Tattoo Bible or The Baker’s Bible.

What if we labeled The Bible as ‘Be Kind to One Another,’ ‘Hug an Enemy’ or even ‘Grab Onto God and He Will Grab Onto You?’ Would more people want The Good News? Would you?

Many people buy Bibles because they notice the difference in their Christian neighbor, co-worker or friend’s life and they want the same. The best Bible is one that is lived out in our lives.

Prayer- Lord, let our lives be an open book that others can read from cover-to-cover and find You in it.  Yours for holy living in Christ! Amen.

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