A Team Effort

Playing any form of group sport involves a team effort. Each player on the team has a specific job to do to help the team play well. If one member fails to show or doesn't do his job, the whole team suffers.

Now, take that thought a step further. What if the coach made everyone on the football team a quarterback? Who would block? Who would run? Who would kick for the extra point? Not everyone is skilled to be a quarterback. Some are better being the defensive tackle. A few are great kickers, and there must be an offense team as well. It would be one crazy game if the whole team was all quarterbacks fighting for the ball, running for the goal and jockeying for the glory.

The same applies to the church–the body of Christ. There are churches that push the congregation to be of one mind. These homogeneous churches strive for unity and expect growth, but sadly in most cases these are the churches that will lose membership and interest because different gifts are not appreciated. Now, picture a church in the community which is experiencing much growth. This church probably has several diverse ministries and many outreach programs. A growing church is usually more open to change and may consider doing things a new way to meet the needs of the people. Whereas, homogeneous churches tend to want to keep things as they always have been despite the changing needs of the community.

Paul explains in 1 Corinthians 12 that not everyone is a “hand”, or a “foot” or an “eye.”  Can you imagine a body that was nothing but feet? Or eyeballs? No, no, no, that's not how it works. To get things accomplished, and accomplished well, God has beautifully and intricately designed a body consisting of many different parts, each performing a necessary function to sustain the entire body. Each and every body part is needed to function well. The same goes for the church body. Not all of us are theologians. Not everyone can sing. Many have a gift for working with children. Some have a desire for missions. Some are just great cooks. There are also those that smile and encourage everyone they meet. It would be wonderful if everyone was as smart as a theologian. That gift is definitely desired. however, without the nursery worker, the foreign mission team, the door greeter and the choir, wouldn't it seem like something was missing? Church wouldn't be complete, would it? 

God has designed each and everyone of us as unique individuals with special gifts and talents to be used together to build up the body of Christ and work together in unity for His glory. Keep the team spirit up by embracing others as unique individuals who contribute to the good of the whole team.

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