The Dangers of Following Teen Idols

There has been a trend rising amongst teen idols that is very troubling.  A new teen idol comes on the scene and not only do the preteens and teens embrace them but so do the parents.  The parents are the ones who run out and buy the tickets to their shows, purchase themed bedding and posters. 

Then we see teens trying to emulate their idols.  They begin dressing like them and styling their hair like them.  The influence becomes very strong and this is not just with the world, it happens in Christian circles as well.

The trouble is that the majority of the time these teen idols fall.  They have been put up on this pedestal and they have been touted as being a positive influence.  But the pressures of being famous and living up to a certain standard seem to become too much.  One-by-one each teen idol begins to crumble and fall. 

The latest teen idols that have brought much disappointment are Lindsey Lohan, who is now serving jail time and Miley Cyrus, who has become grown up very quickly.  No longer are they the cute, innocent teens of yesterday.  The world of fame and money has stolen that from them. 

Parents need to be on guard with who our children and teens are following.  If the actor, actress or singer is of the world then the chances are that they will not only remain of the world, they will become more and more like the world.  They will more than likely end up disappointing us. 

Idolizing anyone is dangerous.  The same is true for adults.  We look up to sports figures, Hollywood stars and musicians.  We put them up on a pedestal that they really don’t belong on.

Imagine packing a stadium night after night with screaming fans of Christ.  Imagine elevating Jesus.  Imagine trying to emulate Christ-like behavior.  How differently would the world look?

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