The Dishonoring of Women

I recently finished reading the Princess Sultana trilogy, which is an eye-opening look into the lives of women in Saudi Arabia. Some of the stories in these books made me sick to my stomach.  It was heartbreaking to hear the ways these women would be punished.  Many times it was their gender that justified the brutal treatment and torture they went through.

Being a woman in many Middle Eastern countries is akin to being nothing more than a dog.  Sadly they are not always treated with much respect.  Even here in the United States there have been a lot of news stories lately on “honor killings.”  The victims of these killings are always female.  

While I would love to begrudge the fact that a particular culture treats their women with great dishonor, I am quickly reminded of the many women in the Christian church who experience the same thing.

The teachings of a man and woman’s role in the Bible can be twisted into the wrong thing.  I have personally known women who believed that their role as the submissive wife meant they didn’t have a say in anything.  They were just to be quiet and keep their opinions to themselves.

I have also known other women whose husbands “ruling” over them was not done in a loving, godly manner but in an intimidating, brutalizing fashion.  I have quickly come to realize that this dishonoring of women happens in all cultures, in all countries and in all religions.

Perhaps the most heartbreaking way that a woman is dishonored, or should I say female, because this affects even the very young, is human trafficking.  This is the most perverse and inhumane treatment of a woman or girl that exists.  It happens in other countries and sadly, it happens in our country as well. 

There needs to be a greater stand against the dishonoring of women.  While it is easy to assume it only happens in other countries or in other religions, it could be happening right now under our nose.  Don’t allow the dishonoring of women to continue.  These are God’s children who deserve to be treated with respect and love.

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