The Importance of a Woman’s Health

As women we tend to put our health in the back seat, tostay busy being good wives and mothers. What we need to understand is that without good health we will not be able to be these things to the people we love.

I had this rude awackening after having my third child, I got caught up in being a mom to three wonderful kids, and making sure there was dinner on the table for my hard-working husband. I looked around everyone was taking care of themselves except me. I love my life and being a full-time mom and wife, but I need to remember to love ME in this process. In Proverbs 18:22 it states, “him that findeth a wife findeth a good thing”, what we need to do is make sure it stays a good thing.

A woman's mental and physical health can decrease so rapidly without being noticed. We tend to hide, ignore, or just forget what we need to be fulfilled as a person. Taking care of our bodies and our minds is in turn taking care of the family. When you eat right and exercise well, you feel more active and more positive with your surroundings. If being a woman didn’t have enough difficulties in pregnancy and menopause we have to face breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and certain other diseases that target women. Now I’m not saying to drop everything and not take care of the home, but instead let some things wait till tomorrow, they will still be there.

To start off, try one new recipe a week that will benefit you and your family, something that is full of protein , veggies, and lower on fat and carbs. This is the one area I start with, plus exercise. There are so many foods out there that are good for us and taste equally as great. Step outside the box and try it; what do you have to lose?

Take care……of your body.

Try This:

In “ The Best of Fine Cooking Fresh” Magazine- Spring 2008

Grilled Chicken with Fresh Herbs and Farfalle

Tried it last night with garlic bread and a tall glass of iced tea. Great!!!

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