God Loves Everyone . . . Repeat Everyone

Like billions of others across the earth, I have been closely following the FIFA World Cup this weekend.  Did you get that? BILLIONS!

There are people from every country, every ethnicity, every religion, every background, etc.  It's astonishing that one sport can bring the entire world's attention to one thing.

What's millions of times more astonishing is that the Lord loves with his entire being every single one of those people.  Every single one!  The Lord's love is infinite! Perfect! For every person on this earth personally!  It totally wrecks me to see people in the stands from everywhere on this planet and know this infinite love was made for all of them to receive.  

Many times we forget just how microscopic we are in the universe, but the Lord is always present with us anywhere we go, at anytime, always.  The world may not be paying attention to you, but the Lord is always there, always cheering for you, always your biggest fan.

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