’The Pacific’ a Worthy Emmy Awards Nomination Leader

When Emmy Award nominations came out earlier today, I was pleased the HBO mini-series “The Pacific” led the way with 24 nominations.

The episodes lead the viewer on a whirlwind tour of the Pacific theater during World War II and pull few punches. Produced by Tom Hanks, the battle scenes have the same raw emotion and powerful realism of “Saving Private Ryan” and it has been favorably compared to another outstanding WWI mini-series, “Band of Brothers.”

What resonates in “The Pacific” more than the battle scenes is how believable the actions and attitudes of the characters are both in the trenches and on the homefront. I won’t spoil it for you if you haven’t seen it, but the episode where the First Marine Division takes its leave in Melbourne between brutal island combats may be the best of all.


Also high up on the Emmy list were “Glee” with 19 nominations and “Mad Men” with 17 nods.

“Glee” has received positive and negative reviews on Everyday Christian, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit I watch it on a fairly regular basis. Of the biggest criticism of the show is openly it uses teen characters to discuss and display both heterosexuality and homosexuality, often side by side. The over the top nature of the show’s characters – particularly dictatorial cheerleading coach Sue Sylvestyer – point to the strength of its acting.

And acting strength is what has made AMC’s “Mad Men” the most intriguing show on television. I got hooked on “Mad Men” last season and have thoroughly enjoyed watching back episodes of the show. Jon Hamm is as good as it gets as a character in portraying the self-serving lead Don Draper, rainmaking ad executive with, at best, a checkered past. Another undeniable strength of the show is the costuming and set design. Down to the desk lamps, the show captures the feel of the early ’60s in a way few TV shows have been able to connect with a time period for a major asset in storytelling.

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