The Trip of a Lifetime

Luke 15:8-10Imagine a woman who has ten coins and loses one. Won’t she light a lamp and scour the house looking in every nook and cranny until she finds it? And when she finds it you can be sure she’ll call her friends and neighbors. “Celebrate with me! I found my lost coin!” Count on it. That is the kind of party God’s angels throw every time one last soul turns to God (MSG).

Our seniors group shared this report about their bus trip to the Hamilton Botanical Gardens. “Quick!’ Don’t waste another minute. Retire! At least take the day off. You don’t want to miss another teenagers’ bus trip. You could visit these places on your own, but you’d miss out on the friendships, singing, games and jokes. Coffee at a favorite shop isn’t the same if you don’t share it with a crowd!

We are quick to proclaim what a great time we’ve had socially, but we often fail to speak of our wonderful trip toward heaven with fellow believers. This is how it might sound.

“QUICK! Don’t waste another minute! As soon as you ask Jesus into your life, retire! Stop trying to do everything yourself! Join a Bible–believing church! Yes, you can travel the Christian life on your own, but you’ll miss out on the friendships, singing, games and jokes. The Christian life just isn’t the same if you don’t share it with a crowd.” 

Prayer: Father God, forgive us when our voices only yell at sporting or theatre venues. Help us to use them to invite someone church. In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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  1. 1234aussie said:

    belief is not enough, if you truely believe you will repent and be baptised for the forgiveness of your sins as Jesus said you must be born again meaning be baptised .

    August 15, 2011

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