The Ups and Downs of Daily Life – Riding The Roller Coaster With God

Back in the 90s, there was a movie that came out called, Parenthood, starring Steve Martin. It wasn't  exactly a “Christian,” movie, but there was one scene in the movie that really caught my attention. The young parents are arguing about something when grandma walks in. Most everyone thinks grandma is a little off, and it's no surprise to anyone when she starts in on a story about when she was 19 and her and grandpa took a roller coaster ride. The young father doesn't get the meaning of the story at first, but the young mother does. Grandma wasn't as crazy as people thought.

Life is like a roller coaster ride. There's going to be ups and downs, twists and turns all through life. Some parts of the ride will be frightening. Other parts of the ride will be exciting and exhilarating. Grandma goes on to explain that some people don't like the roller coaster. Those people would prefer the merry-go-round. It just goes around and around. Grandma would prefer the roller coaster.

Which ride would you prefer? I've thought about this recently. If I could go back and change certain aspects of my life, would I? Concerning the miscarriages, yes, I'd like to go back and change all of that and perhaps prevent it all from happening, but if I go back further and ask myself if I would change the path that my life has taken over the last 20 years, for the majority of the outcomes, I would say, “No, I would not change anything.” Through each trial and tribulation, all the good times and the bad times, God has used all of it to teach me, strengthen me and grow me into the person he wants me to be.

I know God loves me, and I'm pretty sure he hurts when I hurt, but I have learned that no matter what path I take next, I know that God goes with me. Having that faith and that security will help me get through all the ups and downs, twists and turns around the bend. Like the poem, Footprints in the Sand, not only does God sometimes carry me, but he also rides with me on the roller coaster of life. Yes, sometimes the ride will be rough, and sometimes it will be scary, but there will be times when the ride will also be exciting and exhilarating and I'll want to tell God, ” Let's do it again!”

My point to all of this is, ” with God all things are possible, ”  (Matthew 19:26) (NIV) and I have no reason to fear, ” for thou art with me.” (Psalm 23:4) (NIV) I wouldn't choose it any other way. Some may choose to play it safe, decide not to follow God and choose instead to ride the merry-go-round of life that goes no where but around and around and around. Me, I'd rather ride the Roller Coaster of Life with God.

Have a Great Day!

The Roller Coaster from the movie Parenthood


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