Think Outside the Box

My car had a recurring problem with the stability track. (Don’t ask what it does. I have no idea!) The mechanics changed every possible part in the area. Finally, they fixed it by changing the one part that the manufacturer said never needed to be changed. By thinking outside the box of what they had been told, they fixed the car.

How often do we do the same? We are told that a certain thing is so and we believe it without testing it for ourselves. For instance, we are told that organic food is healthier. It is definitely not healthier for our pocket book.  In spite of more than 98,000 studies that show organic food is the same as non-organic, we go by information we got from Sally down the street.

Or we believe the five second rule. We drop food on the floor and shout, “Five second rule” and eat it. How clean was your floor, really? What was on the shoes that just walked on it? I guess you can forgive yourself and insist you are eating organic dirt.

Think, friends. Think for yourself! For instance, if you don’t believe in Jesus, ask him to show you if he is real. 

He will. 

Will you?

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