Time Counts

Every time I think of time, I think of Marjorie and Ben.  Ben started collecting clocks at least 70 years ago and Marjorie dusted them for nigh onto 60.

If it keeps time, Ben owns it. Their walls are coated with everything from German cuckoo clocks to chiming bird, bee and tractor clocks. Marilyn Monroe flits her skirt saucily on one, while Elvis flings his hips on another.  Drawers full of pocket watches clog the dressers. Domed antique timers sit side-by- each with floor-to-ceiling grandfather time-pieces. Cartoon characters abound and each one tells the time in its own quirky way.

Every piece announces the hour by chime, rhyme or mime. (Or at least they used to.) By the time Ben got them all wound and set, it was time to start all over again. Now only a few favourites clang, bang, bong and hum. The silent ones just take up space. They could still make time count if so directed, but like lots of us, they just sit there while the days slide by. Their chance to make a difference is stilted. No booming Westminster chimes, bells or whistles from their corners, unless a Ben starts them up again.

Do we treat time the same way? No movement unless wound up? No effort to live a life with meaning? Putting in a half-job at a half-life when we could be making time count? What a waste.

Leap year is a good day to evaluate how we spend our time.

God is yearning to get us moving toward him again. Are we willing to be wound up?

Psalm 62:8a-Trust him in all times (NIV).

Prayer: Lord, we have spring fever, and a touch of laziness. Wind us up toward you today. In His name. Amen.

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