Prioritize Your Goals For God

Yesterday, while I sat quietly in the library listening to the guest speaker, I found myself wondering about time and how swiftly it comes, and how swiftly passes by.

Quickly I began to recall my personal goals for the year 2010. Had I met my goals? Did I really try? Were my goals meaningful and fulfilling? After a brief inventory, I realized that I had met only a few of my goals. Where had time gone? How many weeks were remaining in the year? Was there enough time left to do the things that I had promised myself I would do before the year end?

As it a child it seemed to take forever for each new birthday to arrive, the most awaited day for all children, Christmas! When did it change? When did time begin to travel so fast? If I had been asked as a teenager what I thought the year 2010 would bring I would have thought it so far away that it was inconceivable! Well, here we are with 2011 knocking on our door. With the new year quickly approaching I found myself prioritizing my goals. Scouring my list of I would like to, I will and I wants, one goal nearly jumped off the page at me. I will strengthen my relationship with God!

Browsing the shadows of my mind, I recall how at the beginning of 2010 I had devoted an extra 15 minutes of my morning time to prayer, I read a couple extra chapters of the Bible each night and made it a priority to invite at least two people to church, every day. As the year progressed so did the chores of daily life, including those unscheduled events that have a way of taking our lives by storm. Somewhere during the year I veered off the path and gradually allowed life to blur my vision, my goals and my desires. It was time to get back on the right path. I would set the alarm clock 20 minutes ahead before retiring for the night and I would read a few more pages in my Bible.

As the audience applauded the speaker I was transported back to the present time. A gentle whisper in my ear reminded to invite the librarian who had invited me to this book reading to the Sunday morning service. As I mingled through the crowd of people I was reminded to make the most of every minute of life, enjoy it to the fullest and to take the opportunity to use the time wisely. Time does not stand still for anyone and once it is gone, it cannot be retrieved!

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  1. SoundOff said:

    As I think about making time for God, it brings to mind the benefits of a Media Fast. Many teen groups have found the Sound Off for Poverty a great way to tune out media distractions and tune in to God’s heart. (

    October 27, 2010
  2. That sounds great! Can’t wait to share this idea with our youth as well as others.

    October 28, 2010

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