TobyMac Book ’City On Our Knees’ Hits Home

City On Our Knees is one of the best and most inspiring books I've read since I don't know when. It will impact young and old in such a touching way, but the most wonderful thing about it are the people and their stories. If a 4-year-old born with a debilitating disease can inspire a nation to raise $1 million for cancer research through lemonade stands, then there isn't an individual alive who can say, “I can't…”

The true stories range across a multitude of activities all over the world and how just one person or one couple make a huge difference in people's lives. It made me want to get busy doing something. However, Toby Mac makes an excellent point by saying that we must wake up and ask God, “Where are You working today? May I join you?”

When we do that, we are assured success in that endeavor because God's work, no matter the outcome, will succeed.

Buy it, savor it and read it daily. God will change your heart and the stories of these people will change your attitude about “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

TobyMac is best known as a Christian musician. He went solo is 2001 aftewr being part of the poplular act dc Talk. Here is a link to the video which inspires this work


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