24 Christian Living Blogs You Should Bookmark

Note: You’re reading Part Three in a three part blog mini-series on recommended blogs. In Part One, I highlighted Sixteen Biblical Counseling Blogs That You Should Bookmark. In Part Two, I linked you to Sixteen Pastoral Ministry Blogs That You Should Bookmark

As with the first two posts, I wish I could mention every excellent blog that focuses on Christian living. The Christian living blogs I regularly read have some combination of: a.) frequency of posts, b.) a self-identified focused on Christian living, growth in Christ, sanctification, etc., c.) relatively high traffic/hits, and, frankly, d.) people I know or know of. 

Drum Roll, Please

Here are the Christian living blogs that I regularly read, listed in alphabetical order. Of course, I don’t agree with everything every one of these bloggers post. Still, these blogs stretch my thinking as iron sharpens iron. 

  • Albert Mohler.com is, of course, Al Mohler’s blog site where he shares a biblical perspective on vital issues of our day. Don’t miss this one. 
  • Between Two Worlds is the blog home of Justin Taylor who posts gospel-centered wisdom for living. 
  • Challies.com, the home of Tim Challies, in many ways started it all when it comes to in-depth Christian blogs. This is your one-stop place for resources, links, and Christian thinking on the Christian life. 
  • Christ Is Deeper Still is home to Ray Ortlund’s post about strengthening our walk with Christ. 
  • The Covenant Eyes Blog focuses on biblical help for maintaining moral purity. 
  • The Desiring God Blog is the home of John Piper’s ministry focusing on exalting God by enjoying God. 
  • At Don’t Stop Believing, Mike Wittmer relates theology to life and current events. 
  • For the Love of God is a daily devotional by D. A. Carson designed to walk a person through the Bible in a year while assisting readers in discovering the riches of God’s Word. 
  • Head, Heart, Homehttp://headhearthand.posterous.com/is the home to David Murray’s posts focusing on a comprehensive, compassionate approach to Christian living. 
  • Heavenward by Pastor Scotty Smith is a unique blog—it’s a daily prayer on focused issues in the Christian life. 
  • At Josh Harris.com you’ll find posts from Pastor Josh Harris that help you to dig down deep in your Christian life. 
  • At Kevin DeYoung.com you’ll gain insight into applying truth to life from the ministry of Pastor Kevin DeYoung. 
  • The Kingdom People Blog by Trevin Wax provides robust resources for your Christian walk. 
  • The Ligonier Blog shares R. C. Sproul’s (and others’) deep insights connecting theology to life and ministry. 
  • The Lifeway Research Blog is hosted by Ed Stetzer with information for informed decisions about life and ministry. 
  • Living with Power is Lina AbuJamra’s blog home. Lina is the Women’s Ministry Director at Harvest Bible Chapel; she blogs about connecting to Christ’s resurrection power. 
  • Michael Hyatt.com provides insights from Michael Hyatt for Christian leaders and authors. 
  • Moore to the Point by Russell Moore blends a pastor’s heart and a theologian’s mind. 
  • Parchment and Pen is the blog home of Credo House with posts by Michael Patton and others—all relating theology to life. 
  • Strawberry-Rhubarb Theology is the blog home of Dane Ortlund where he focuses on reclaiming the mind for Christ. 
  • When your blog is recognizable by your first name, like Tullian, you know you have an abundance of readers. PastorTullian Tchividjian maintains a laser focus on gospel-centered living.   
  • View from the Cheap Seats by C. J. Mahaney provides a grace-oriented focus on Christian living. (As of this writing, C. J. has just announced a sabbatical. Whether his site will be “live” in the near future, I do not know.) 
  • Voices is the blog home of The Gospel Coalition where you’ll find contributions from a wide range of Christian leaders on a wide range of topics. Another “can’t miss” blog.   
  • In Wisdom for Life, Pastor Steve Cornell presents biblical principles for wise relating to God and others. 

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What additional excellent blogs do you recommend for biblical wisdom for Christian living?

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