Weeping in the Aftermath (Part 1)

I heard the weeping and wailing at the funeral home.

“I loved her. I am sorry. I wish we hadn’t quarrelled.”

“I wish I had made the effort to…”

“I should have done more. I should have gone to see her. “

“I should have…I should have…I should have…I should have…”

But they didn’t.

Several issues divided my friend from her family and neither would budge an inch. No one expected her untimely death. It left her family with dozens of conflicting emotions.

Now, when it was too late, they offered up useless words. Finally they said what they could have and should have years earlier. Of course now was far too late.

Has that happened to you? Are you in danger of letting it happen again? Of friend, I beg you reconsider. Say the words of reconciliation before it is too late.

Leave your offering there before the altar and go; first be reconciled to your brother, and then come and present your offering. (Matthew 5:24, NASB)

Prayer- Father God, give us the courage to be the first to make amends as far as it is possible with us. Amen.

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