Well, Do You?

Our church is doing an in-depth study of Ephesians and this week our pastor asked us to test ourselves on what in the word annoys us or that we don’t believe fully. Here is the list that challenged us. 

Do we——-

1. Live a life of truth, become like Christ. Refuse to live like unbelievers?

2. Did we give up our old life and put on the new? Do we live in righteousness and holiness.

3. Do we refuse to let anger cause us to sin, or give opportunity to the devil?

4. Have we stopped stealing; do we make an honest living and give to the needy? 

5. Have a clean mouth? Do we refuse to grieve the Holy Spirit?

6. Refuse to live with bitterness, resentment, quarreling, slander and malice?

7. Do we live useful, helpful and kind lives? Do we forgive as God forgave us?

Do I? Do you?

God gives us the strength, but we must make the choice to do what he asks of us!

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