What is the Point

It is clear that Job was in a bad state of depression in chapter three. He wishes he had never been born and he states that in many ways

 “Obliterate the day I was born. Blank out the night I was conceived! Let it be a black hole in space. Let God above forget it ever happened. Erase it from the books! May the day of my birth be buried in deep darkness, shrouded by the fog, swallowed by the night.

Then he wants his very conception to be erased. 

And the night of my conception—the devil take it! Rip the date off the calendar, delete it from the almanac. Oh, turn that night into pure nothingness—no sounds of pleasure from that night, ever!

He begs others to curse that day as well.

Let those who are good at cursing curse that day.  Unleash the sea beast, Leviathan, on it.
May its morning stars turn to black cinders; waiting for a daylight that never comes, never once seeing the first light of dawn. And why; because it released me from my mother’s womb
into a life with so much trouble.

Then he moans that he was born and even that his mother cared for him. 

 “Why didn’t I die at birth, my first breath out of the womb my last? Why were there arms to rock me, and breasts for me to drink from? 

He thinks death would be better.
I could be resting in peace right now, asleep forever, feeling no pain,

And yet…Job’s life became this.

 Job lived on another 140 years, living to see his children and grandchildren—four generations of them! Then he died—an old man, a full life. (Job 42, 16-17, MAG)

Never give up hope in the midst of awful because God has a plan. Live to find it out.

Prayer- Lord, encourage our hearts toward your truths. Amen.

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