What About Leviticus?

I’m a speed reader but my fastest work has always been the book of Leviticus. Boy, can I maneuver through that thing in a hurry! It always seemed boring and purposeless to me. However, when I finally decided to take it seriously, because God gave it too us to read, I asked God to help me understand it.

The very first verse grabbed me. The Lord called to Moses out of the Tent of Meeting. (Leviticus 1:1a, AMP) 

God moved in! Before this, God only spoke from a burning mountain. (Deuteronomy 5:23) But now the tabernacle is finished according to God’s design. It points directly to the Christ, and God moved in! Now he is the God who dwells among his people.

Prayer- Lord, forgive us when we don’t take you seriously. Teach us about Leviticus and other Bible passages that seem too much for us to handle. In Christ… Amen.

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