What Are The Dry Bones In Your Life?

In Ezekiel 37 we read about the valley of dry bones.  God had taken Ezekiel to a desolate place, a valley that was filled with remains.  What does this really represent?  It represents death. 

But God wanted Ezekiel to speak to those dry bones.  He wanted Ezekiel to speak life into those dry bones.  What would it take for this to happen?  He had to speak the Word of the Lord. 

As Ezekiel began to speak he heard a noise, the bones were beginning to rattle.  New life was beginning to take root.  Suddenly the bones begin to come together.  Tendons and flesh appear and then they are covered with skin.  But there was still no breath of life in them.

So again Ezekiel had to speak the Lord’s words and when he did, breath came into them and up on their feet they went…a vast army before him.  They were brought from the grave and the Spirit of the Lord came into them. 

As you look forward to a New Year, what are the dry bones in your life?  Is it your marriage?  Are you without a job?  Do you have no hope?  Are your dry bones disappointment and disillusionment?  Or do you struggle with addiction?  Whatever the dry bones in your life are, you need to speak God’s Word into them. 

When you invite the Spirit of the Lord into the dry bones of your life, only then can He begin to make them come to life.  As you continue to press in and speak the Word over those dry bones, the promises in God’s Word, you will begin to see them take shape and form.  Then one day you will see God breathe life into them. 

You don’t have to wallow in your valley of dry bones.  Begin to speak the Word over the situations you face and new life will follow.

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  1. said:

    Such an encouraging post Stephanie. It’s true, only God can blow the breathe of Life into our dry bones. Thank you. Blessings!

    January 17, 2011

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