When a Family Helps

A few years ago, our four grandchildren came to stay. Their parents were having issues and we stepped in to help. It was a new experience getting used to having kids in the house again, but with us, family always comes first. This also created a space where the parents could sort themselves out.

When my own children were young we always did the dishes together. These grandchildren were quite happy, except for the eldest. After the evening meal, I asked him to help as you do. He looked me in the eye and said, “I do not do dishes.”

This totally knocked me down, but I know when I am beat. I also know to wait it out for a God-given opportunity. The wait lasted several days. Eventually my grandson came to me. His bike had a flat tire. “Can you help me fix it grandpa?” he asked.

Looking him in the eye, I said, “I do not do punctures.”

That night he came and helped with the dishes of his own freewill. I then helped him fix his puncture. Together we worked on his bike.

Now another thing I liked doing with my boys was going out to the shed to bang nails into a piece of wood purely to construct something.

“Would you like me to teach you?” I asked.

“I know all about that.”

As his confidence was at an all-time high, I gave him a hammer and some nails. Standing back to watch he held the nail and took a swipe with the hammer. It came down hard on his thumb.

“Would you like me to show you?” I asked.

He gave me the hammer and I taught him a new skill.

These children stayed with us for a year. We were able to take them to church. Sometimes they sing in church, other times they like dancing, but they are never far away from our thoughts and prayers.

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