Who Said It (Don’t peek at the answers!)

1.Which Old Testament prophet said, “Here I am. Send me.

2.Who said “Fill the jars with water.”

3.Who said “Unless I see the nail marks in his hands, I won’t believe.”

4. Who said “Try us for ten days. Feed us only vegetables and water.

5.Who said “Let me kiss my mother and father good-bye.”

6. Who said “I will come back and take you with me.”

7.Who told Adam “You surely will not die.”

8. Who said “What I did will surely become known.”

9. Who said “It is not right that we neglect the Ministry of God to wait on tables?”

10.Who said, “These men are not drunk as you perceive.”

11. Who said “There is death in this pot.”

12. Who said “We know you are a teacher who comes from God.”

1. Isaiah   2. Jesus   3. Thomas   4. Daniel   5. Elisha   6. Jesus   7.  Serpent   8. Moses

9.  The Twelve   10. Peter    11. Prophets in Gilgal    12.  Nicodemus 

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