Why Journal

I occasionally torment myself with thoughts of: “I wish I had,” “I should have done,” and “Why didn’t I?”  That’s when I get out my 2011 journal and remind myself of Ron’s last moments. Here are some of the most comforting:

Me: Would you like me to moisten the inside of your mouth again, dear?

He: Yep.

Me: It’s OK to go be with Jesus now.

He: Uh-huh.

He grasped my hand one last time, with his firm you-can-trust-what-I say-when-I-shake-your-hand grip.

I sang old hymns, changing the words to remind him of Christ and of family he would soon meet in heaven. I apologized for my singing, because we often joked about that.

His breathing slowed and gradually stopped.

Joyce Meyer says that wisdom makes right choices that they will be satisfied with later.  I would add this thought. Record the most precious so you will remember what really happened.

Moses recorded their starting places, as the Lord commanded, stage by stage; and these are their journeying stages from their starting places. (Numbers 33:2, AMP)

Prayer – Lord, protect our minds from falsehoods with your written word and back up from ours. Amen

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