Why Would They Lie?

Luke continues with the history of Zachariah, and Elizabeth. They were an older couple, childless, but faithful. An angel visited Zachariah and told him they would have a son and were to name him John, meaning God is favourable. He would be the forerunner of the Christ.

(Luke 1:5-23)

John grew up proclaiming the coming of Christ in spite of opposition. Gabriel visited Mary and foretold the promise of Christ. She would be pregnant by the Holy Spirit and have the son of God.

 Joseph married her, in spite of her pregnancy. They didn’t have any physical relationship until after Christ was born. 

Followers of Christ were often attacked and often murdered. Even today believers in many countries are in danger because they follow Christ.

Why would these people lie? Their reputations, their very lives are at stake. They can’t all be delusional or mentally ill. No, my friends, there is truth and power and strength in Christ.

Do you know him as your Saviour yet?

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