Why an Imperfect World?

It has baffled me for the longest time: that God would create a world so perfect only to be tainted. Why would He? Some will argue that God did not spoil it, man did. While this is true, God knows the beginning from the end, so therefore He must have known it would occur even as He created the culprits. Some will say it was not His will and therefore somehow out of His doing. Yet even though God Himself did not infect the world with sin, He allowed it. After all, He is sovereign over all; is He not? Why then, would He allow such a situation, even create beings that would contribute to it? Why would the perfectly holy and beautiful God of the Universe create such circumstances knowing His most prized creations would work to destroy both their environment and each other?

Today I believe – and I preface my remarks with “today”, for I have learned that my beliefs are continually being challenged and refined – Today I believe that because God created us to worship Him, He also had to create the conditions in which we could. Because He endowed us with intelligence and not just a robotic computer center for a brain, He wired us to perceive, compare, decide and evaluate. It is only through the reality of darkness that light is recognized. It is only by experiencing failure that we understand success. It is only through the lens of imperfection that we seek perfection. God knew all along that we could only truly appreciate and adore the Perfect Redeemer by longing for His presence in an imperfect world so badly in need of redemption. 

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