Why Jesus Would Succeed as a CEO Today

Here are six reasons why Jesus would be an excellent CEO in today's marketplace:
High integrity
“Be sincere, not a hypocrite” (Matt. 6:1-6). Jesus was an individual who told the truth and demanded others do the same. In today’s economy, shareholders of Jesus’ company would always be assured that they’d be getting straight answers from their CEO. Also Jesus’ company would likely have a great reputation in today’s marketplace as honesty & strong ethics are desired virtues.
People Management
Jesus had an excellent ability to delegate responsibility. He had 12 apostles to inspire & motivate daily. If Jesus were alive today, there’s no question he’d be able to run a successful company because of these skills.
Powerful Resolve
Jesus was tempted for 40 days in the desert by the devil and he never once wavered on his commitment or mission despite being promise everything under the sun. This powerful resolve would make Jesus not only be a highly respected leader at his own company but, likely in his industry. Some CEO’s today can sell their ideals & principals out for money but, we wouldn’t see this with Jesus.
Peaceful Workplace
Jesus as a CEO today would likely have highly desired workplace. He taught that there is no need to pull rank on each other, and that “the greatest among you will be your servant.” (Matthew 23:8ff). At Jesus’ company, we probably wouldn’t see a dog-eat-dog corporate ladder climb and all employees would have the opportunity to shine their true talents.
Peaceful Competition
While Jesus’ company would likely face tough competition in today’s marketplace, he would likely beat the competition through creative innovation & hard work and not cut throat business practices. “Love your enemies; do not hate, be reconciled” (Matt. 5:38-48; 5:21-24).
Second Chances
Jesus emphasized the importance of forgiveness and if an employee at Jesus’ company made big mistake, they would likely be forgiven or given more than enough chances before finally being shown the door.

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