Will You Be Missed?

I've only one life; it soon will be gone. What will remain of the things that I've done?
Will I be remembered as someone who cared? Someone who sympathized? Someone who shared?

Am I so obsessed with desire to succeed that my eyes are blinded to someone in need?
Or could I put on hold my ambitions, my dream to help a weak brother to boost self-esteem?

Am I so preoccupied that I can't find room to share a friend's sorrow, dispel a friend's gloom?

Would I stop my dashing around here and there to help out a neighbor, to show that I care?

Do I lend an ear to someone who's grieved? Can I listen silently until they're relieved?
Or does a cascade of MY words get in the way of the message of love God wants me to portray?

Do I seem so absorbed by the things that “I” own? Am I swallowed up in MY OWN little throne?
Or can I show joy at a friend's great success? Can I honestly join HIM in HIS happiness?

Will the things that I did while on earth be worthwhile? Have I lightened a load? Gone the second mile?
Did I put off my ambitions; put them on hold to help someone else in reaching his goal?

If I can say YES to these things, and more, then I'll not be ashamed when I reach Heaven's shore.
I will hold my head high, when I'm called by my Lord to stand before God to receive my reward.

When my time on this earth has come to an end, will my epitaph read, “You were a true friend.”?
Or will it have words that go something like this: “Here lies a dead body that no one will miss.”?

By Helen Dowd-used by permission

Prayer- Lord—just asking…Who among us is a good neighbor? (Answer…the one who shows pity and mercy.) And God, …what now? (Answer… go and do likewise. (Luke 10:36-37) Okay God. Thanks and Amen!

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