Since we are all into the digital age, we should learn a bit about its history, don’t you think?

Wireless phones go back generations. You see God created the first one…he called it prayer.

It’s a two way connection; God to us and us to him.

There’s never a disconnect; unless we choose to hang up on the conversation.. God provides the energy so there is no down time, no lost signals. The only charge it needs is you, plugging in to listen, to chat with God. Even better, you can use all the data you want for no extra charges.

The sad thing is that most of us don’t take advantage of the opportunity to speak personally with the living God. Lost the number? Don’t worry. God is just waiting to connect. There will be no long hold sessions, or a long list of buttons to push. He’s got your number.

You number and record my wanderings. (Psalm 56:8a, AMP)

Prayer – Dear God, its __________________ calling. We haven’t spoken in a while but you promised to keep my name on file. Thanks God. I just want to say that ____________________. Amen.

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