World Gospel Mission

For 100 years, World Gospel Mission (WGM) has been sending committed Christian missionaries to the mission field. World Gospel Mission disciples believers to become missions-active Christians. As an interdenominational missions organization, WGM partners with individuals, small groups, college groups, and churches to intentionally address the physical and spiritual needs of individuals and communities. With ministries in 26 areas of the world, this vibrant organization offers a wide range of opportunities for Christian service. A variety of mission experiences are available, ranging from a few weeks for novices or those with limited time, to multiple years for career missionaries dedicated to serving the Lord around the globe. WGM began in June 1910 when the Christian Holiness Association’s Missionary Department of the National Association for the Promotion of Holiness appointed two couples and two other missionaries to share the gospel in China. Beatrice “Mother” Beezley ran the organization out of her briefcase until 1925 when the organization moved into its Chicago office. The mission moved its headquarters to Marion, Ind. — about 65 miles northeast of Indianapolis and where it is still located today — in 1952 and changed its name to World Gospel Mission in 1954. WGM is nearing the conclusion of its most recent five-year plan with the aim of sending out 100 active new missionaries by the end of this year. It has also increased the frequency and quality of its reporting to missionaries and supporters as part of its expansion. Despite recent national economic struggles, WGM gets high marks for its financial stewardship. In fiscal year 2009, the ministry reported total assets of $21.9 million. The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA), of which WGM is a charter member, reports that 78 percent of WGM’s donations go toward programs, with just 15 percent toward administration and 6 percent toward fundraising.

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