You Will Survive and Even Thrive

Why bore you with details? When Life is hard, too much salt, sugar, and pure junk assault my lips, only to land on my hips. 

Food is my drug of choice. What is yours?

The truth is, sometimes we all feel low on the totem pole of life.

Today, I dragged myself out of bed and turned on the TV only to hear these words from Gloria Gaynor’s lips.   “I’ll survive, I will survive!” 

A survivor is somebody who shows a great will to live or a great determination to overcome difficulties and carry on.

 Haven’t we all? Won’t we continue to do so? After all, a temporary setback is not an eternal failure. The only difference between a victim and a survivor is action!

Let’s choose Jesus be our drug of choice.

Today, approach the throne of grace with confidence, expecting and receiving mercy and grace in our time of need.  (From Hebrews 4:16)

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