Obedience Is Everything

 You just never know.

Sometimes I write an article that I think is great. It came from the heart and flowed beautifully. I think everyone will be as impacted or as encouraged as I dreamed they would be. But they’re not. The article goes largely unnoticed with little fanfare or comment.

Other times, I write a piece that I’m not sure is very good. People come out of the woodwork and really relate to what I’ve written and I’m surprised, but delighted that simply being “real” in a quick piece, hit a chord with someone.

Life is like that.

You just never know who or when you will do something to impact someone else.

I heard it said once that oftentimes, the things we do to impact someone else the most, we’ll never know about. It may seem like a small choice or decision or simply sticking to something we believed in. But we will oftentimes not know till years later or even not know at all. The impact may only show fruit after we pass away.

Then there are those times where we make a big, bold move thinking it’s a life-altering move and it just fizzles. Nothing happens – before or after we’re gone. It didn’t have as huge of an effect as we thought it would.

That’s life.

That’s why being authentic is so important.  It’s important to live out our callings. We just never know what the “moment” will be for someone else.

Loving, living, and being who God intended us to be means everything. Obedience is everything.

You may feel like what you do and who you are doesn’t matter. You may get tired of the trivial or think that simply holding fast to your values doesn’t matter much to anyone else. But you just don’t know….

Stay in the race. Stand firm. Rise up. Be faithful.

God has you where you are for a reason. And He will use you when and where He wants to. He most especially likes to do it when you’re not all “hung up” on yourself or what you THINK you are doing that is so great.  So simply persevere. Live, love, laugh, and be diligent.

For you just never know….

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  1. tracijoy said:

    Love it… thanks for the reminder.

    June 10, 2011

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