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Note: The following post is adapted from Spiritual Friends. We can use the acrostic LISTEN to remind ourselves of basic components of competent biblical listening.    L—Loving Motivation: Proverbs 21:13 I—Intimate…

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I’ve often said that there’s one passage of Scripture that if I consistently applied it to my life—then everything about how I live would change. I’ve frequently written that I…

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re.bel, verb: 1)To refuse allegiance to, to oppose the established ruling authority. 2) To resist or defy the generally accepted convention and beliefs. 3) To dissent and express a repugnance…

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I enjoyed an amazing week last week at the Faith Biblical Counseling Training Conference at Faith Church in Lafayette, Indiana.  What was the highlight for me?  Was Equipping the Highlight? As…

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Linking you to the top 5 Christian blog posts of the week—posts that provide robust, rich, and relevant insights for living.  Linsanity Owen Strachan provides some insight (plus some great…

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