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My, how things have changed. This past November, the Rev. Ed Young of Fellowship Church in Dallas drew nationwide attention when he challenged married couples in his congregation to have…

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A research study at The University of North Carolina Business School determined that incivility, a form of anger, can impact company profits due to lost productivity and employee turnover. Their…

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1. Take your camera and go out on a photo shoot (free)Grab your digital camera and drive around town together. Stop at scenic locations and take pictures of each other.…

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Grandpa and Grandma Walton, played by Will Geer and Ellen Corby, lived in a rambling farmhouse among three generations of their very functional family, where they served as fonts of…

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The NCES, part of the Department of Education, says homeschooled children made up 2.9% of school age population in 2007, up from 1.1 million 2.2% of school aged population. The…

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So how do we accomplish that? Through much prayer. Here’s a good one to start with–a powerful prayer for human, flawed parents like me:   Lord, convict me of any…

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