A Middle East Showdown?

Last month, Israel found out that Syria was sending SCUD missiles to Hezbollah, which is regarded as a resistance movement in the Arab world. What does this mean to us? Well, for one it means a lot.

Israel has been quoted as saying that it would return Syria to the stone age. This could cause a middle east war between many Arab nations, such as Iran for example who is not on friendly terms with Israel.

Secondly, there’s a biblical text tied with Syria attacking Israel. Isaiah 17:1-3 states that Damascus would be entirely annihilated. Damascus is the center of Syria and the capital. It can only be assumed that if Syria decides to take it up a notch with Israel, we could see a biblical prophecy be fulfilled.

We could also see a rise in oil prices. The middle east is known for it’s oil export and a war would certainly see the cost of oil sky rocket. Obama’s diplomatic rhetoric seems to be dissipating as it’s not what the U.S. wants, who has a big stake in this.

Additionally, Syria has said from the Israeli National News Service, that it would impose a naval blockade if Israel decides to attack Syria, by using ground to sea missiles. That is a serious statement.

So what are we to do? There’s really nothing we can do except pray. Pray for the people involved. Another suggestion would probably be sure to start having savings in case things get sour. We may be on the verge of another biblical prophecy being fulfilled.

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