Compassion International making push to get Haitian children in school

Colorado Springs-based ministry Compassion International is working with partner organizations to get as any Haitian children as possible back to school by next Monday, March 1.

Compassion is working with Engineering Ministries International to work on school repairs and determine specific rebuilding needs. In the meantime, Compassion is working to resume classes in tents as is feasible.

In addition to assessing and rebuilding schools, Compassion is also training children and their families to be safe while living in tent cities – as many are still unable to move into permanent homes.

The children living in tent cities are exposed and vulnerable,” said Edouard Lassegue, Compassion’s vice president of Latin America and the Caribbean region.  We are equipping our church partners to teach families to look for the danger signs and educate children so they will not become victims.”

Meanwhile, Compassion’s staff in Haiti is continuing the difficult process of taking a census of each and every registered child who was significantly impacted by the earthquake.

“We can do more than provide food.  We can help Haitian children and their families get back on their feet again,” said Lassegue.

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