Are You a Hugger? Do You Hug ’Without History’?

I’ve been pondering the principle of walking in purity and what it really means. I’ve often been laughed at for the ‘unfriendliness’ from those who do not know God. This is to be expected and affects me little.

However, there are those within the body that are sometimes taken aback at my ‘anti-socialness.’

What kind of behavior am I referring to?

“Hugging without history” (a term I read in Adrian Plass’ novel “Silver Birches”) and refers the behavior of some who call themselves huggers and hug anybody and just about everybody.  I prefer to not embrace someone until I have at least a few conversations with them. I guard such things and reserve them for my “friends”’

If you are a hugger, I don’t mean to disparage you. I only mean to describe my views here and respectfully ask that you understand my thoughts.

As my pastor puts it, no one ever became drunk from drinking a glass of tea.  And so, I will use that analogy. A hugging-without-history policy would certainly fall in line with living above reproach (at least in this area – God is still working on me in many other areas) and also the category of “abstaining from the appearance of evil.”

What’s more, it deprives the busybody from a readily supply of ammunition of questionable behavior when they observe me speaking to someone, no?

To me it is a unfruitful behavior. Unless I know someone and call them my friend or if the person is generally in need of comfort due to a trial or ordeal, hugging-without-history is unfruitful.

It is always best to consider situations before you encounter them so as to be prepared. People who hug freely, especially between the opposite sex, are speaking body language that invites another to be friendlier.  Or, such hugging between casual people you meet could lead to something dangerous.

It is wise to consider these things and prepare an exit strategy just in case.

While pondering these things, I was reminded of a song by the “Paul Coleman Trio”. The words are particularly insightful when thinking of such things.  Especially the portion that says… “They say just follow your heart but what if it lies?  – God only knows how to play this game called life and living.” and the part which sounds like a prayer … “Stop me running from the things that could save my life.”

Consider these things and prepare your exit strategy.

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