Kentucky’s ‘Second Sunday’ promotes healthy living

OK, I know it is time to get moving when I realized today that my “burger pants” (as my sister calls them) are tight. Burger pants are those pants that I change into at the end of the day to watch TV with my family or work on fun projects at home. My sister says they’re the pants you put on after you’ve eaten a burger and fries and your jeans threaten to cut off your circulation, hence the name. They’re not quite pajamas and not something I would wear out to the grocery, just comfy-hang-out-at-home pants. Well after the sad discovery that my burger pants are no longer my friend, I’ve decided it is time to get moving again and say ‘yes’ to dessert a little less often. I LOVE food, so super-strict dieting has never worked for me. Not a big fan of the gym either so getting moving as a family is by far my favorite way to get or stay fit.

Hard part is that with a 3 year old we haven’t done much moving as a family other than walks around the park in front of our house. And even that can be challenging. We have a 70-pound dog with no leash manners and when you combine that with our 3 year old’s on-again-off-again relationship with her stroller, we don’t get in a lot of cardio! Mostly we raise our blood pressure instead of our heart rate. We do want to develop healthy habits in our family though. We want eating good, real food (not stuff that has a shelf life that will last until our daughter’s in college) and moving more while having fun together to be a priority. It is the space from the couch to the vision of being healthy and fit that seems the farthest distance.

Well thankfully Kentucky is helping families like mine get off the couch and onto our feet. There is an event this weekend called Second Sunday that has a goal of helping Kentuckians make a move for better health. The idea originated in Bogota, Colombia where officials close more than 70 miles of roads to vehicles, opening them to local residents for exercise every Sunday. Several communities have presented similar events, but Kentucky is the first state. Second Sunday has coordinated the efforts of communities all across Kentucky that are hosting events and turning roadways into pedways and bike paths to encourage us to exchange our horsepower for peoplepower. So grab your tennis shoes and your aluminum water bottles and join me in the quest to fitting back into my skinny jeans…or at least to have loosen up my burger pants. Your body and your family will be healthier for it.

I’d love to hear what your family does to stay fit! Please share your family’s favorite ways to stay fit…

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