Lunchtime Links: February 10, 2010

The East Coast is being buffeted by another major storm, this time dumping up to a foot of fresh snow.

President Obama and congressional Republicans are going back and forth trying to find common ground on key legislative initiatives.

Friday is the one-month anniversary of the earthquake which devastated Haiti and opened the floodgates to an outpouring of international aid and compassion. Relief organizations of all stripes have emphasized that the road to any meaningful recovery for the already deeply impoverished nation will take years and that keeping donors and the general public engaged over the long haul will prove challenging.

Figure skater Taylor Firth stars in the remake of the film “Ice Castles” with a Christian perspective.

Christian publisher Zondervan will publish a new book by reality show star Kate Gosselin in April. The book, “I Just Want You to Know,” includes information on Gosselin’s prayer life and is the first release since her much much-publicized divorce from her husband whom she starred with on the popular “Jon & Kate Plus 8.”

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick openly discussed his faith during a Super Bowl-related breakfast over the weekend for the first time. He said that his straying away from his Christian roots was a major factor in his involvement in the dogfighting which led to his imprisonment.

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