Are You Paying Attention or Just Skimming the Surface

Recognizing Our Weakness

Sometimes, unfortunately, we have a tendency not to pay attention.  From time to time we simply gloss over something we read, or simply “hear” something that is said.

For all of us, there are points in church in which we don’t truly listen to what is being said.  From our own weakness to our state of mind, to some other conscious or unconscious reason, we simply don’t pay attention.

Or take this website.  If this isn’t the first article you have read (and I’m sure this is not the case!), have you ever read through something meaningful that you skimmed through?  Or perhaps for some meaningful topic – or even the Bible?

I’m not saying that you need to perfectly display full attention at all times when there is something meaningful being said or read.

This borders on perfection.  However, we are not perfect––so, perhaps when we hear a sermon or read an article or book that speaks about something important (God), perhaps we could always get something out of the topic.

After all, we could always get something out of an important subject; for instance, many of us have heard many times about the importance of Easter – perhaps when we feel as if though we know enough, we’re ignoring a way to build in Christ.


Having your full attention is incredibly important in matters of faith.  We must not gloss over something important because we think we know enough.

We’ve done it before, in some capacity.  Perhaps next time you walk into church and notice the sermon is about “Redemption in Christ,” for instance.  Instead of “hearing” make an attempt to truly “listen” to what is being said.  For even if you know every major point the pastor is trying to make, you can always get something out of the topic.

Whatever it takes to make it important in your faith, try it: perhaps try placing yourself in the topic, or looking at your past to see how God worked in you according to a topic can do just that–allow you to grow in your faith.

Regardless of the topic, try to place yourself in it according to your faith.  You may have an understanding of something, yet it can always build – as you will in Christ until we are called.

God Bless

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